At PowerPact, all our energies are focused on developing work that works not just by providing world class ideas, but by guiding our clients in making the kinds of decisions that truly activate their brand and expand their business. And be honest, isn’t that what clients really want?

Consumer and
Trade Promotions

Promotions drive consumer behavior.
Great promotions activate purchases while leaving a lasting brand stamp in the mind of the consumer (or the trade). PowerPact has a history of doing the latter, creating ground breaking, memorable and effective promotions for some of the world's great brands.

Virgin Vines - Rockin' the Vine

Marketing Programs

We often find it is necessary to bring the brand to consumers (rather than the other way around), to find them in places where they are likely to be receptive to an introduction and to create a brand experience that will make them loyal and satisfied customers. This is the essence of PowerPact's effective experiential work.

Capital One - Customer Immersion Gallery

Digital Design
and Strategy

PowerPact is not a traditional web shop. We focus on digital designs that drive consumer behavior online, through mobile platforms and with apps. Our solutions help brands reach consumers in new ways and provide users with consistent and productive experiences.

Susan G. Komen - I am the Cure