More and more science tells us emotion, not rational thought, is the gatekeeper to consumer behavior. the most emtionally engaging experiences are the most effective communications.


CHALLENGE: One in three Americans born today will develop diabetes. About 20% of them will die from it; the other 80% will shorten their life span by five to 10 years. With that kind of societal impact, why does the ADA receive less donations than other popular causes? Why are fewer people emotionally connected to the fight?

INSIGHT: Pink ribbons and races for breast cancer awareness...quilts for AIDS...yellow bracelets to fight cancer...adopting African children by name. These programs empower the consumer to take control and participate in a very personal way. More than writing a check, people know they did something tangible to help. ADA hadn't found a way to personalize the fight. Our job was to help them make the connection while also increasing funds.

IDEA: We knew that rubber and ribbons have been done in every color. If we could only "I.D." who is effected by it – we need to see real people with real names and faces. Our campaign "I Decide To Fight Diabetes" puts the consumer in control. The I.D. charm and other gear personalize the fight. Now, people inscribe loved ones' names onto I.D. necklaces and bracelets and wear them as fashionable badges of honor that teach, inspire and raise awareness. People also personalize T-shirts and totes that make them champions of the cause, uploading a photo of the person they're fighting for inside the "I" in I.D. We built a website that not only makes it easy to order gear but also serves as a hub to "share your story" and invite others to join the fight through customized e-cards.

RESULTS: 24,500 charms were sold in the first year, shattering the goal of 10,000. Over 225 million media impressions were made through PR efforts, and $1 million was raised from sales and sponsorships. Using the campaign to create new excitement around the cause, corporate sponsors got on board including Liberty Medical, Novartis and Splenda. Celebrities backed the cause too, including Patti LaBelle, Actress Sherri Shepherd, Mother Love, Reporter Maria Menounos and Health Pioneer Donna Richardson Joyner.