More and more science tells us emotion, not rational thought, is the gatekeeper to consumer behavior. the most emtionally engaging experiences are the most effective communications.


CHALLENGE: Capital One had just issued a new corporate imperative to help them compete in the tough financial services category. The company asked employees to join them in a "compelling customer experience"- something they felt would differentiate Capital One in the marketplace. They wanted an innovative way to "bring the customer into the room" and have employees leave feeling like they knew the target better than before.

INSIGHT: Walking in the customers' shoes fares far better than reading a findings report.

IDEA: We built a multimedia Customer Immersion Gallery that showcased the customer perspective and provided employees with an interactive, enlightening experience. To truly make an impact on the employees, we leveraged real customer dialogs, situations, thoughts and emotions as the basis of the experience. The Gallery featured a life-size walk-in interactive kitchen enabling employees to literally step into a day-in-the-life of a customer. Larger-than-life-sized images depicted the customer's emotions relative to their Capital One experiences, as well as their desires. Listening stations featured excerpts from actual customer phone calls, and viewing stations displayed customer interviews. Participants used phones and live computer terminals to interact with the company, just like a customer. The pilot was such a hit with Executives that the program was expanded and quickly turned into a traveling Gallery. This comprehensive experience left employees, across the nation, with a much deeper understanding of what the company looks like from the outside looking in.

RESULTS: The program was only ever intended to have a 13-day run for about 40 people, but the execution was so compelling, the CEO made it mandatory for all employees to experience and extended it to a full year. PowerPact was further commissioned to create a Traveling Gallery mobile unit - a tractor-trailer version of the original gallery. Our customers said: "PowerPact really hit the mark, this is awesome!" "I feel bathed in the customer experience." "You are the go-to guys in my book."