More and more science tells us emotion, not rational thought, is the gatekeeper to consumer behavior. the most emtionally engaging experiences are the most effective communications.


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CHALLENGE: Getting significant retail coverage and standing above the competition is a consistent and ever-growing challenge for the electronics category. Sony needed to flex their brand muscle with retailers and consumers to once again demonstrate their product superiority and brand value.

INSIGHT: Electronic enthusiasts want the best, latest and coolest gadgets available.

IDEA: We showcased the product and technological superiority of Sony TVs, computers and cameras by pairing them with the most-recognized (and gadget-oriented) movie franchise in history, James Bond. We created a highly engaging eight-week retail and on-line promotion, leveraging Bond's latest film, Quantum of Solace from Sony Pictures. Mission for a Million featured a thrilling "secret agent" game that intriguingly blurred virtual and real worlds; participants were given the mission to recover portions of stolen Sony HDNA, for a chance to earn Sony products and $1 million. The promotion kicked off with a two-week buzz generating effort on Bond fan site blogs. Multiple missions with secret codes were delivered in-store to drive engagement online. The buzz kept rolling through an arsenal of digital communication like email blasts, banner ads on social networking and retail partner sites and with an AOL bot. Text messages and phone calls from the movie characters to participants were deployed for each new mission. Finalists were flown to Hollywood for the world premier and got to rub shoulders with the stars, like Paris Hilton.

RESULTS: During the six-weeks at retail, 2,540+ national, regional and independent retail stores participated, resulting in tens of thousands of consumers going to the stores to find secret codes. Unique traffic to was up nearly 25% versus the previous five months. Seventy-six percent of the traffic increase was directly tracked to the promotion itself. An unprecedented number of virtual product tours and opt-ins for future mailings expanded Sony's long-term relationship with potential customers. And now, Mission has been selected as a finalist in the 2009 PROMO Interactive Awards for Best Promotional Website.