More and more science tells us emotion, not rational thought, is the gatekeeper to consumer behavior. the most emtionally engaging experiences are the most effective communications.


CHALLENGE: We launched Virgin Vines for Brown-Forman as a brand of wine for youthful, fun-loving consumers. The challenge was to attract beer-drinking young men through traditional grocery accounts that typically focus on women, and where there are literally hundreds of wines to choose from. The brand needed a turnkey promotion that could be implemented locally and in multiple markets, which is equally difficult to achieve.

INSIGHT: Young men love being out on the town, having fun with friends while enjoying music. It's a lifestyle insight that is usually reserved for beer-loving guys, not conservative, wine-toting connoisseurs.

IDEA: PowerPact created an umbrella promotion, Rockin' the Vine! – The only wine that rocks. It provided an attractive tie-in with a wine purchase, offering concert tickets to their choice of local shows through Ticketmaster. Rockin' in-store POS/merchandising grabbed the beer-buying guy's attention by using oversized displays that looked like speakers and guitars. Communication drove consumers online to enter to win tickets and become a V3IP member (Virgin Vines Very Important Person), which meant having the inside track to what's hot in the local club scene and to receive cool stuff from Virgin Vines, including new music downloads.

RESULTS: This breakthrough brand gained its very own fan base – retailers, distributors, salespeople and consumers alike rocked and rolled behind the program. Custom displays were successfully created for and executed in traditional grocery accounts – a highly competitive environment.